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Imam Van Ael
The Ark of Knowledge

About the Author

Imam Van Ael is the founder of the Ark of knowledge and the former chaplain of London School of Economics, Imperial College, and SOAS, and Professor at University for Applied Sciences Rotterdam. Born in an atheist Dutch family in 1976 he embraced Islam at the age of 18. He memorized the Qur'an in the desert of Sudan and traveled around the world in search for traditional knowledge. He has been authorized in the 10 qira'at and many books of hadeeth, and was the first European convert to have been employed by the Government of Jordan as a Khateeb (Friday ceremony deliverer) and Imam at the Ghufran Mosque. He has a Bachelor in Theology and pre-Master in Islamic Mental health. His works were covered by Al Jazeera and CNN. His main interest is connecting people to God Almighty through the Book and the Sunna, through traditional knowledge within a contemporary framework.

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